RenovaBR is an education program that is driven by public interest and aims to qualify new leaders to participate in Brazilian politics. We are not a political party, or a movement. Our goal is to prepare new political leaders and promote civil engagement.

Our initiative exists thanks to those who have the courage to believe in it. Thousands of Brazilians from all over the country have donated their time, knowledge and resources to best prepare engaged and accomplished individuals to enter the political landscape.

Enough with corruption, embezzlement and politicians who work for personal profit. Renewal starts with electing honest and virtuous politicians.
We won’t find the solutions to our problems if we insist on polarization and intolerance. Progress needs to be built together.
We selected talented individuals, leaders who stood out in their careers and are focused on promoting common wellness. Politics require a will to serve.
“Getting to know everyone, from staff to leaders, made me realize that Brazil has a way out. I was inspired by the dedication in helping us be better public leaders and politicians. This alone has already changed Brazil.”
Felipe Rigoni
Felipe Rigoni
Leader for Espírito Santo State
“The preparation course was fundamental to me. It gave me self-assurance, determination and a clear view. What I learnt has been of daily use, not only as a candidate, but as a Brazilian citizen. RenovaBR is helping to build the dream of change."
Joênia Wapichana
Joênia Wapichana
Leader for Roraima State
“It was all of great value for me, both professional and personally. Getting to know people with different orientations, meet and discuss with them certainly is the highlight."
Gabriel Cassiano
Gabriel Cassiano
Leader for São Paulo State

Be part of the change

It’s time to believe and support this renewal.

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